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Why web design is important

web_design_paimtsplashI was reading an article on that talked about the importance of web design and a particular paragraph stood out. Here it is:

“There are a lot of unknowns to design and build for, but if we embrace unpredictability and if we pick a strategy to create more cohesive, consistent design systems, we can tackle any level of complexity — in fact, we do it every single day. We solve complex problems by seeking solutions, and as we do, we make hundreds of decisions along the way. Yet sometimes we fall into the trap of choosing a solution based on our subjective preferences, not objective reasoning.” (“Website Design is Dead.” No it isn’t” –, July 5, 2015)

What customers of web design businesses don’t realize is how many decisions have to be made to make a website functional and attractive! Sure, they can go with a cookie cutter design from an remote online service. But is it really what they want?
Do they want the large photo right in the middle? Do they want Bodoni bold type instead of Helvetica? Are the categorial options right for their products?

Designers can change all those aspects to specifically match the client’s requirements. Is there cost differential? Possibly, but all entrepreneurs know: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Pay a little more upfront for a qualified designer to give you a great website. When the hits start coming because it appeals to your niche market you won’t give those few extra dollars a second thought as your website traffic goes up and up and …

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