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The long and the short of domain names

Domain Names should match the website.

Domain Names should match the website.OK, you’ve done it. You have made the decision to go into business on the Web.

Now you need a name. Hmmmmm … what should it be? As we discussed in an earlier post about having business and domain names match, this decision is very important because it could affect the very survival of your business.

In addition to having the names match, the length of the domain name is crucial as well. While there is some validity to the debate that shorter names are better than others (primarily for the convenience factor of customers having to type it the first time), you really need to focus on effective brand identity.

Here is what industry leading website,, says about the issue: “Some argue that shorter domain names are easier to remember, easier to type and far less susceptible to mistakes: for example, “” is easier to remember and less prone to typos than “”. Others argue that a longer domain name is usually easier on the human memory – for example, “” is a sequence of unrelated letters that is difficult to remember and type correctly, whereas if we expand it to its long form, “”, we are more likely to remember the domain name.”

One consideration is that shorter domain names are becoming increasingly difficult to get; thus, the decision of whether a shorter name is better may have been decided for you. Further, long domain names also contain key site words that would make it more likely to pop up in browser searches, which is what you want  your name to do!

Other considerations about the domain name, which can be up to 67 characters long, is whether to use hyphens. Some experts like them because they give the name some uniqueness, however, otehrs see hyphens as a possible distraction to visitors — that’s a bad thing.

As always, we at Unicorn Web Development stand ready to assist you with these issues and offer our best advice about the oft-confusing World Wide Web!