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So many reasons to hire Unicorn Web

Image of Web Development word cloud on Unicorn Web Development

Image of Web Development word cloud on Unicorn Web DevelopmentWe hear the horror stories every day about so many problems our customers once had with websites done by our competitors. They include:

  • The website won’t open. Instead customers receive the dreaded browser message saying the website can’t be found.
  • Supposed changes are made to the website but when you go there it looks virtually the same.
  • Instead of images and nice blocks of copy, all that appear are index listings, or worse, html code!
  • The customer buys a domain name in eager anticipation of the website being up quickly, only to wait months for the site to finally go live. In the interim, all their customers see is “Website Coming Soon.”
  • All of sudden the website just stops working. The online store won’t function, the links are broken and the content has not updated as promised. Further, it was nearly impossible to get ahold of the website designer to even alert him or her. The result is the customer waits for days and days before the website becomes functional again, mainly because the web developer is working with a prospective customer instead of providing quality customer service to current customers.
  • Uploaded written content and photos don’t appear as promised. That leaves the customer frustrated and website visitors wondering why the site is not updated more often.

Look, we get it. Website developers work hard to convince you that building your own site is a mistake and you come to us in good faith, only to find out that just like in other types of business there are unreliable companies.

All we can tell you is we’ve heard the stories and have made a commitment at Unicorn Web Development to be available 24/7 to respond to your concerns. Telephone, email, IM, Twitter, even smoke signals, we will respond quickly to any problems with your website.

When it comes down to it, there are plenty of good web development companies out there. What distinguishes Unicorn Web Development from the rest is our excellent customer service.

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