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Pinterest or Instagram? Which is right for you

Pinterest and Instagram are both visual social networking sites where you can upload photos and images for other people to see. However, in reality they are very different and have unique attributes.

Before you get started, focus on your goals, audience and the content you plan to share. Then consider the following attributes of each visual social platform to determine which one works best for you:


  • More conversational and encourages greater awareness and engagement
  • Allows you to share your own photos
  • Users can take pictures and videos from a mobile device, apply filters and a caption
  • Showcase visual content about you, your events and personality as a business.
  • Provide unique ways to communicate about your products and services
  • Encourages comments, questions and market feedback
  • Use of quick messages, photos and short videos to create a personal experience with a brand that is engaging, informative and accessible
  • Has only one place where you can direct people to a link
  • Men and women evenly represented; more of a global demographic (50 percent of users are outside the U.S.); more popular with the younger crowd (popularity declines with older users)


  • A “virtual scrapbooking tool”
  • Provides a way for a business to generate website traffic
  • Users are more geared toward content discovery found on the internet and focusing on the curation of other users’ content
  • Users can create visually appealing boards by pinning and grouping content they discover
  • Users can only pin existing photos; photo alteration must be done before pinning
  • Encourages others to pin and share information and visuals
  • Every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site
  • Users can utilize Pinterest to search for specific content, products, tips or inspiration, similar to search engines
  • Market is predominantly female (about 70 percent of users) and tends to be a little bit older
  • Strategic use of themed boards for visual storytelling to cultivate an engaged audience
  • Use promotions and contents are effective when integrated with your storytelling
  • Users are looking to discover content in all forms to be inspired, learn and share

The ultimate goal of both visual social platforms is to use images and messages to resonate with users and maximize user engagement, brand awareness and market feedback. You will see better results in your marketing if you understand and choose the platform that best suits your goals, audience and content you plan to share. You will soon be on your way to effectively building your business through social media.

When you have made your decision or need help making the decision, contact Unicorn Web Development for assistance –  (904) 282-9338.