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&*%/# passwords are a necessary pain

Passwors Unicorn Web Development

Passwors Unicorn Web DevelopmentPasswords.

They are driving me crazy! And I bet they are making you a little crazy, too. Why? Because nowadays a simple noun (person, place or thing) aren’t sufficient for effective passwords, according to the experts. They have to be “alphanumeric” conglomerations like “Sm1Th467A.”

Plus the experts tell us you need a different password for every account you have. But how can anyone remember all those passwords?!

Of course there are some helpful Web-based programs that claim they can keep your passwords safe so that you store them there. But what if one of those password sites get hacked? Then the bad guys have ALL your passwords and the places where you use them!

All of the continuing — and legitimate — concern about protecting your identity on Web is sending everyone scrambling to look for ways to protect their customers from malicious intrusions. In the early days of the web that meant people just needed a simple password like their dog’s name or make of their car to get into an account. After all, everyone using the web was going to be nice and stay out of your personal files, right?

Well that was until the bad guys came trolling.

There are some possible solutions that at least keep you safer (although no one can guarantee complete protection; just ask the federal government, which just got hacked despite all its capabilities). The suggestions are:

  • Use a similar word for your passwords but mix it with a combination of numbers and symbols.
  • Store passwords on your home computer, which of course you keep under lock and key in your home. Only allow access to trusted friends and family.
  • Combine accounts wherever possible so you don’t need to use so many passwords.
  • Don’t use words that would easily be associated with you. For example if you live on Minnesota St., don’t use “Minnesota123”.

Nobody has all the answers about protecting your identity and accounts on the Web. If they claim they do, then run the other direction. Ultimately it’s up to each one of us to make smart decisions and make it as difficult as possible for the lurking thieves to steal from us.

If you have questions about how to keep your Web identity protected please contact us at Unicorn Web Development.