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How to Optimize Facebook Ads

Optimize Facebooks Ads for better perfromance.

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to promote your small business online. The first step is to determine your business goals and make a plan and develop a budget to achieve these goals. This article will help you learn how to optimize Facebook ads.

If you are already using Facebook Ads, to optimize Facebook ads, it is important to first determine which ads have performed the best. Install the “Facebook pixel” on your website. This allows you to track what happens on your website when Facebook users click on your Facebook ad, i.e. whether people view a certain page, fill out a registration form, add an item to their cart or buy a product.

Let’s look at some tactics to make your Facebook ads more successful.

  • Build out “lookalike audiences” in Facebook’s Ad Manager or Power Editor to expand your audience. Start building your lookalike audience using related groups who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Consider people who have become Fans of your Facebook page or clicked on an ad and completed an action or installed your app.
  • Refresh your images and copy. Consider building your new ads by incorporating similar images, copy or call to action from your ads that have historically performed well. “Split test” to pinpoint which of these components have made these ads successful, then use them to create future ads.
  • Showcase your most “winning” product images by combining them into a single carousel ad.
  • Repurpose your Facebook ad campaigns on Instagram to reach a new set of potential customers. Use eye-catching images and minimal text on Instagram and make sure the “landing page” to which your ad is linked is optimized for mobile to accommodate Instagram users.

By incorporating these optimization tactics, you will generate additional responses from your existing customers, expand your audience and create new opportunities to grow your revenue.

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