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Launching a Social Media Campaign

Social Media Managment handled by Unicorn Web Development, llc

Social Media Managment handled by Unicorn Web Development, llcNeed to launch a new business or a new product? Having a social media presence is essential!

Here are some steps for launching your social media campaign:

  • Social Platforms – Choose the ones you will use to launch your brand (Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp and/or Foursquare).
  • Develop a “Big Picture” marketing approach for the brand – How will you integrate the social media platforms into your overall marketing plan.
  • Competitive analysis – Know your market and how you will differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • Consider how to convert social media followers into customers – Determine your overall goals to accomplish this and what social media platforms best support these goals
  • Plan ahead with 10-15 sample posts to use on “launch day” – Do this for each platform; run them by other team members to get feedback; then make any final tweaks. Now you will be “good to go” and ready to officially go “live.”
  • Social media guidelines – Write down your dos and don’ts for media posts (Use of we or I, off-limit words, how will you respond to comments and how often, etc.)
  • Develop your brand’s “personality” profile – Think of your brand as a character. This should be a reflection of the personas you want to attract.
  • Create a handbook – Put all of this together to develop guidelines and document rules and behaviors for your brand on social media
  • Social media calendar – Create a timeline and goals for how often you’ll post (Work ahead and have some planned “shares” on hand to use on busy days)
  • Vision for the future – Think a few months to a year ahead and jot down ideas and details for future social campaigns
  • Before launch day – Have a checklist and double check every detail and re-verify everything with team members (bios, artwork, proof, links, watermark on photos, key performance indicators, etc.)

Enjoy and engage! A job well done. Watch your brand come to life. Start engaging with your new fans, responding to their questions and comments. Get to know your first few followers and posters. Don’t forget to implement your plan to measure engagement. (Stay tuned – we will discuss measuring engagement in the near future.)

As a Social Manager, it is important to keep brainstorming and experimenting to generate unique and interesting content to keep your brand fresh. Most of all, stay active and passionate. Enjoy watching your company grow and change and your social media followers evolve into customers.

Need help putting the pieces together and getting your social media campaign off the ground? Contact Unicorn Web Development today for a free, no obligation consultation – (904) 282-9338.