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Go mobile (app) or go home!

Go mobile (app) or go homeOK, there’s no way you haven’t seen the following phenomenon but you may not have realized the significance to you as a business owner with a website. To see it again, just go to any mall in America and walk around different stores while observing you fellow shoppers. What do you see? Many of them are on their phone doing comparison shopping.

That’s the web has done; it’s made us all better shoppers because we can now instantly compare prices and styles without getting our car and driving to a half-dozen places in person.

Are you taking advantage of those comparison opportunities? If your website is not mobile, you are missing a HUGE opportunity for sales by shoppers using mobile apps. Here’s some reasons why:

  • There is a difference between mobile and desktop computer shoppers. Studies show mobile app users a tend to do more impulse buys and spend MORE money than other shoppers.

  • Want more web traffic to your site? Mobile apps bring it better than any other form of traffic generator! Over one quarter of all web searches now done are with a mobile device and it’s being predicted that eventually websites that don’t have mobile capacity are going to suffer in the Google search engines.

  • Happy mobile app users tend to return to sites more often if they have a positive experience. Businesses love return customers and mobile app users are showing that they will return IF the app is easy to use and keeps their shopping experience trouble-free.

  • Avoiding that trouble is becoming harder for standard websites that aren’t in a mobile app format. Studies are finding an increasing number of standard websites have difficulty converting their information to a mobile device, which can mean users will have trouble finding the key elements (drop-down menus, page selections, ect.) they need. When that happens, they will flee to another site that gives them the functionality they need.

If there is any question in your mind about whether your website is mobile friendly, pick up your smartphone and check it. It’s that simple.

If it’s not — if you can’t read the content, can’t navigate well, can’t come away with what you believe is a good user experience — then call Unicorn Web Development. We can help!