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Cost Effective Ways to Advertise on Twitter – Part 2

Twitter advertising offers a cost-effective way for businesses to increase followers, traffic and leads, build brand awareness, and promote visibility for your business to a larger, targeted audience.

Last time, we looked at Promoted Account campaigns, an effective advertising tool to attract new followers. This time we will look at creating a “Website Clicks and Conversion Campaign” to drive traffic to your website and generate conversions.

Conversions means getting someone to respond to your call-to-action, e.g. open an email, click on the “call-to-action link” inside that email, go to the “landing page” (a topic for a future blog) and fill out a registration form to read your content (newsletters, blogs, etc.), and most importantly buy your product. Let’s get started.

Website Clicks and Conversion Campaign
1)    Go to the Conversion Tracking option under Tools
2)    Click create New Website Tag, give your tag a name and choose the type of conversion you wish to track (Site Visit, Purchase, Download, Signup or Custom for other actions). You can also assign a value to the conversion to report on sales revenue against your advertising costs.
3)    Place the code generated by Twitter on a relevant page on your website for that conversion (e.g. email sign-up confirmation page or order check-out page). Successful conversions will then appear in your campaign reports.
4)    Go to the Create New Campaign drop-down menu and choose Website Clicks or Conversion. Next you need to define your audience and budgets.
5)    Here you can target your audience’s interest by keyword to find people who search for or tweet about those topics. By checking the boxes next to the Users’ Timelines and Profiles & Tweet Detail Pages, you can customize where your tweets appear.
6)    Choose your tweets or create new ones with your conversion goal in mind.
7)    You can choose a traditional tweet, limited to 140 characters for your message. If you choose the Website Card, which includes a featured image, an additional 70-character headline and call-to-action button, your click-through rates will increase over a normal tweet.
8)    Lastly, set your daily and total budgets, save and launch your campaign.

Make some variations of your tweets, test them and see what works best. Unicorn Web Development is always here to help. Call us today at (904) 282-9338 to get a free consultation.

(Information source – Social Media Examiner – “3 Ways to Advertise on Twitter”)

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