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Cost Effective Ways to Advertise on Twitter -Part 1


Twitter ads are a powerful and effective way to increase visibility and promote your business online. For a modest amount of money, you can generate a stream of traffic, customers and revenue. The set-up is not difficult. Remember, “Tweets” are limited to 140 characters.

The next three blogs will focus on ways to advertise on Twitter. We will present some simple steps to get started using 1) “Promoted Account” campaigns, 2) “Website Clicks or Conversion” campaigns, and 3) “Leads on Twitter” campaign.

Part 1 – Create a Promoted Account Campaign and Attract New Followers

  • Go to Twitter Ads
  • Chose “Followers” from the Select a Campaign Objective menu and give your new campaign a name
  • Enter the location, gender and language of the people you want to reach and the devices on which you want your ads to appear
  • Target your audience further by the people they follow, their interests, behaviors, demographics and events they’re interested in. (e.g. Target people who follow a competitor.)
  • Limit the number of audience features in one campaign to measure the results more effectively.
  • You can upload your own lists of people to target by their email address or Twitter ID or retarget people who have visited your website.
  • Set your daily maximum budget and total budget for the campaign. (Decide on the value of a new follower, lead or click-through to your website and pay less than the result is worth to you)
  • Then click on Show Advance Options to see your pricing options. (Setting either a target bid or maximum bid is recommended.)
  • Create some tweets that will show in mobile and web timelines. Include “Follow us” and tell people why. Avoid use of images and links. Create several variations so you can see which tweets work the best.
  • Save and launch your campaign.

Your first Twitter advertising attempts should be viewed as experiment and an investment. Unicorn Web Development is available to help you launch your first campaign. Call us today at (904) 282-9338 to get a free consultation.

(Information source – Social Media Examiner – “3 Ways to Advertise on Twitter”

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