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Choosing correct colors is vital for every website

Unicorn Web Development can help you make the right choices.
Unicorn Web Development can help you make the right choices.

Choose the colors that are right for your website.

We all have primary colors that we prefer more than others. Personally I am a blue person followed by red and orange. No wait, followed by orange and purple. No wait … oh well, whatever!

The point is that colors are a big part of our lives, from our homes to our cars to our clothing we want our chosen colors to reflect how we feel.

The same thing can be said about colors on a website. We want vibrant and engaging colors that reflect our business or organization and put it in a positive light. That’s why choosing effective and complimentary  colors is one of the most important functions you will do with your website.

But some care needs to be taken with using the digitally enhanced rainbow of colors available to website designers. For example it may seem obvious that a website promoting professional wrestling would avoid soft mauves or pastels, just as it would foolish for a website selling Halloween products to not splash orange and black around in some form. Do you know the colors you must include or should avoid for your business?

The last thing you want your colors to do is be offensive, although that can happen. points out that colors found acceptable to a regional market but might be a big problem for websites seeking global sales.

Following is a list from of colors and potential meanings:

  • Red: passion, romance, fire, violence, aggression. Red means stop, or signals warning or forbidden actions in many cultures.
  • Purple: creativity, mystery, (reddish purple) royalty, mysticism, rarity. Purple is associated with death in Catholic cultures, as mentioned above.
  • Blue: loyalty, security, conservatism, tranquility, coldness, sadness. Light blues create a feeling of openness, clean air and freshness, while dark blues can convey tradition, trust and solidity.
  • Green: nature, fertility, growth, envy. In North American cultures, green means ‘go,’ is associated with environmental awareness, and is often linked to fiscal matters. A lighter, somewhat desaturated green is the color of money and indicates wealth or value.
  • Yellow: brightness, illumination, illness, cowardice. Some yellows can symbolize the precious metal – gold – and are universally valued.
  • Black: power, sophistication, contemporary style, death, morbidity, evil, night.
  • White: purity, innocence, cleanliness, truth, peace, coldness, sterility. White is also the color of death in Chinese culture, as mentioned above.

As you can see there’s a bit more to color selection than just a quick pick. If you need help designing a website and picking effective colors contact us at Unicorn Web Development. We can color your world with everyone’s favorite color — green!